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Why corona lockdowns are helpful for your business ?

Today I want to explain you and make you understand why all of these corona lockdowns are actually helpful in todays online industry and how can they help you grow your business during these times.

I know that you hear everyday on the Internet and TV about these new pandemic settles and rules … and a lot of you got upset and maybe frustrated asking yourself „wow… they close this and this and what should I do now? What is gonna happen with my business?“ or …. „I wanted to start this particular business, because I figured out that I am good at that and I invested a lot of time and maybe money and what now? What will happen with „my dream business“?“

Yes, I know that a lot of you are thinking this way, but let me tell you something:

Now is your chance, and maybe your best chance to extend your existing or to promote your new business model !


First, the simplest and easiest thing to understand is that during these lockdowns, the time people are spending online has increased by 50%. Because people forced to stay at home accelerated the shift from physical retail to e-commerce. Yes, they have a lot more time to spend searching on the web so, your potential audience is incresing directly by 50% too, which is perfect for your intention to promote or extend your business online.

Now the questions is: „How can you reach your potential audience in your niche?“ But this subject we will discuss in one of my next blog posts.

The second thing is that these lockdowns triggers these people, these consumers to shop online big time. So, you have think about that a lot of businesses and I mean big ones and retailers, they have to adjust their focus too to take advantage of their marketing strategies and their digital sales during these times. Why? Because there is a big competition. And how are they doing this ? The big one: Discounts. They are lowering their prices, so they’re making discounts to attract their customers.

And now maybe you will ask „Ok Adrian, but if now it’s a even bigger competition between the online businesses? Why are my chances increasing to successfuly promote or extend my business ? I don’t get it !“

Well, here get’s a little tricky. 😊

The more the people, or the more people are looking for a particular product or service online, the more chances you have for your website to get found and hit. It’s obvious. Of course you need a good SEO and good keywords ranking and stuff like this. But believe me, it’s possible !

Businesses are being forced to rapidly increase their online fulfillment and respond to the digital demand that has arisen.

So, now is the time to start looking for opportunities to extend and promote your business online.

People feel uncomfortable in crowded markets so, E-Shopping is an advantage, as it reinforces social distancing, and saves a lot of time. Most likely they will continue to shop online also after the pandemic settles.

So, understand that as long as the people are avoiding public places they have to do something to get the things, or the services they need, so what are they doing ?

Simple, they google it !

My friends, don’t forget to take care of your little, mid- or big businesses and their marketing strategies during these times, because now is your time, and it’s worth it !

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